Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chris Burden | Full Financial Disclosure

Chris Burden
Full Financial Disclosure
Los Angeles, USA: Jan Baum \ Iris Silverman Gallery, 1977.
unpaginated, 19.8 h x 8.8 w cm., staple bound

Designed to resemble the artist's checkbook, Burden's bookwork opens with the preamble "In keeping with the Bicentennial spirit, the post-Watergate mood and the new atmosphere on Capitol Hill, Chris Burden wishes to be the first artist to publicly make a full financial disclosure". The book details his expenditures for the year and concludes that his net income for 1976 was $1,054.

Available here, for $2500 US.

The video can be viewed here, alongside several other TV spots that Burden produced in the early seventies (the airtime is his highest expenditure).

The work also appeared in the 1978 #6/7 issue of The Dumb Ox.

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  1. Louis CK talking about his own recent financial transparency:,82102/2/