Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ror Wolf ‎| Der Ball Ist Rund

Ror Wolf ‎
Der Ball Ist Rund
Berlin, Germany: Edition RZ, 1987
12" picture disk vinyl record

Taking it's title from a quote by the first postwar coach of the German National side, Sepp Herberger, (“The ball is round and a game lasts 90 minutes”), this disk consists of the title track (14:42) on side A and Schwierigkeiten Beim Umschalte (17:48) on side B. Both originated as radio broadcasts, which aired on the 30th of January 1979 and the 18th May 1978.

Edition RZ, who have published Emmett Williams John Cage, David Tudor, Christina Kubisch, Morton Feldman, and countless others, continues to operate out of Berlin.

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