Monday, January 30, 2023


I'm not sure if it was at the behest of Jonathan Monk, or because I've posted a few of their items before, (or because of my own interest in the Sunset Strip) but today in the mail I received Monk's latest take on Ed Ruscha's classic artist book, along with some other great publications and ephemera from publisher ll' Editions. 

When you have to walk ten minutes in the snow to the post office, it's nice to have more than credit card statements waiting for you. 

ll’Editions is a publishing imprint in Göteborg, Sweden, founded in 2014 by Andreas Friberg Lundgren and Carl-Johan Lindqvist, as an offshoot of their design studio Lundgren+Lindqvist. They publish beautifully designed artists' books, editions, and multiples. 

Most impressively, they have selected artists to work with who have a strong interest in publications, rather than just artists whose work they admire:

Maurizio Nannucci, for example, has an over fifty year history of producing great editions, not only his own work but excellent works by other artists, through his imprint Zona. He also has a world-class archive of artists' publications. 

Micah Lexier (the second in ll’Editions' flagship Leporello series) is so dedicated to published works that he typically repurposes budgets for exhibition catalogues so that he can produce an Artist Book instead. When NSCAD Press produced a major retrospective monograph of his work, he eschewed the inclusion of large public installations (of which he has produced many) to instead focuse on small editioned work, mostly ephemeral. Like Jonathan Monk, it's rare that a few months pass without something new in the mail from Micah. 

Fiona Banner's dedication to publications is such that she uses the term Vanity Press as both the name of her personal imprint, but also as a pseudonym or "AKA". 

ll’Editions' publications are available at Bricks, Yvon Lambert, Drawn Down Books, Counterprint, König, Printed Matter and many other art book stores, as well as directly from their own site, here. Their website also offers rare titles by artists such as Marcel Dzama, Richard Prince, Richard Hamilton, James Welling, Juergen Teller and others. 

The site also features a well curated section of artists' films and video works, as well as documentaries, public presentations, studio visits, etc. I just rewatched an old favorite by John Smith - The Girl Chewing Gum. 

The works pictured above will be given individual posts in the near future. 

Visit ll’Editions here: 


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