Monday, May 29, 2017

Stanley Brouwn | 1 X 1 STEP / 1 X 1 M

Stanley Brouwn
1 X 1 STEP / 1 X 1 M
Antwerp/Brussels: Gallerij Micheline Szwajcer Antwerp/Yves Gevaert, 1986
50 x 25 cm.
Edition of 500

"This publication consists of two sheets of paper, folded, in a cardboard cover. One of the pieces of paper measures one meter by one meter, the other has the dimensions of one step by one step"
- Harry Ruhé, Stanley Brouwn. A chronology, Amsterdam 2001 

Brouwn died at his home in Amsterdam on Thursday May 18th, at the age of 81. Read brief obituaries at Art Review, Art News and Artforum, here, here and here

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