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[Wolf Vostell, editor]
Frankfurt, Germany: TYPOS Verlag, 1964
[unpaginated], 29 x 21.5 cm., staple-bound
Edition size unknown

The January 1964 issue of the important DÉ-COLL/AGE. BULLETIN AKTUELLER IDEEN journal featured contributions by artists affiliated with Fluxus and Happenings, including George Brecht, Tomas Schmit, Allan Kaprow, Dick Higgins, Nam June Paik, Al Hansen, Claus Oldenburg and others.

The issue included influential works such as George Brecht's Motor Vehicle Sundown (Event) and Canadian Fluxus artist Robin Page's Guitar Piece, which is said to have been the impetus for Pete Townsend's smashing of his guitar in the The Who shortly afterwards. It also includes two works by Stanley Brouwn, who died last week at the age of 81 (see following posts).

The table of contents page not only incorrectly spells Brouwn's name without the letter 'u' (something George Maciunas also got wrong in the Fluxus Yearbox nameplate he designed for the artist), but also misspells the editor's name as 'Volf' Vostell.

The full contents is as follows:

George Brecht: Motor Vehicle Sundown (Event)
Tomas Schmit: Zyklus
Tomas Schmit: “Handel, Handlungen, Händel, Behandlungen” (zu Pop Art, Fluxus, Happenings, Dé -Collage, Nouveau Realisme)
Stanley Brouwn: Use this Brown [sic]
Stanley Brouwn: Phone Drawings
Allan Kaprow: Sweeping (a Happening)
Allan Kaprow: Push and Pull (a furniture comedy for Hans Hofman)
Allan Kaprow: Mirrors (a Happening)
Allan Kaprow: Words (An Environment)
Allan Kaprow: Tree (a Happening)
Allan Kaprow: Reportages and Photos from other Happenings
Dick Higgins: Seven Lectures
Bazon Brock: 4 Donnerstags – Manifeste
Bazon Brock: Bloom – Zeitung
Bazon Brock: Roman
Nam June Paik: Third Symphonie (the longest symphonie [sic] in the world)
Nam June Paik: Exposition of Music/Galerie Parnass. Photos/ect./Text: J.P. Wilhelm
Name June Paik: Reportagen etc.
Robin Page: Guitar Piece (Performance YAM Festival NY/63)
Wolf Vostell: 9 Dé -Collagen (Geschehnisse)
Wolf Vostell: “Leben Als Bild=Bild Als Leben” Galerie parnass Wuppertal veranstaltet dazu
Wolf Vostell: Bus Ride zu 9 verschiedenen Stellen: Kino/Bahnhof/Gärtnerei/Steinbruch/Garage/Fabrik/Keller/Schwebebahn/Garten
Frank Trowbridge: Three Pieces for Theater
Claes Oldenburg: Pop Art (jacke, tasse, kuchen)
Claes Oldenburg: Happenings
H. J. Dietrich: “Ereignisbilder”
J. J. Lebel: Catastrophe (A Happening)
J. J. Lebel: “Quelques indications supplémentaires sur la mort et son incidence sur l’activité artistique dite d’avant-garde”
Al Hansen: Parison 4 Marisol (a Happening)

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