Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#1 Schmuck Presents Real Schmuck

David Mayor, Felipe Ehrenberg and Martha Hellion [editors]
#1 Schmuck Presents Real Schmuck
Cullompton, UK: Beau Geste Press, 1972
[64] pp., clamp-bound
Edition size unknown

Schmuck magazine debuted in 1972 with this issue, mimeographed and held together with two plastic clamps.  Mayor lays out his intentions for the project, writing that the magazine will include "feedback from the humming wires of global activity":

"Schmuck wants the real meat and no fancy dressing. I have no specic ideology to push and would like to see Schmuck develop, if not as an open forum for discussion of some of the problems relating to art, at least as a vehicle for artists to present their ideas as well as their art (when the two don’t overlap!)."

Contributions include excerpts from Carolee Schneemann's 1972 Beau Geste Press book Parts of a Body House, Ken Friedman's Notes on Concept Art (“Concept art is not so much an art movement or vein as it is a position or world-view, a focus for activity”) and What is Housework? by Egg Placement Group. Other contributors include Anthony McCall, Graham Keen, Hammond Guthrie, Monte Cazazza, Michael Gibbs, Opal L. Nations, Michael Hollingshead, Yael & Felipe Ehrenberg, Chris Welch, David Mayor, Jim Parker, Marc Chaimowicz, Richard Kriesche and Nilan Kunz.

The issue featured six inserts, including a flyer for the exhibition Fluxshoe.

Carolee Schneemann and Felipe Ehrenberg (far right) photographed by Anthony 
McCall in 1972 working on her Beau Geste Press book Parts of a Body House. 

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