Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lionello Gennero | Musical Book

Lionello Gennero
Musical Book
Atlanta, USA: Nexus Press, 1979
[15] pp., 43 x 28 cm., loose leaves
Edition of 60 signed copies

A loose-leaf artist book as chance operation sound score, in which each page (made of wood, paper, plastic, parchment, corrugated cardboard, foil, metal, plastic, etc.) provides a different possible sound. Includes performance instructions / directions for use.

"The original copy of Musical Book I produced and used in the production of Il Té di Alice (Alice's Tea-time), was performed by Lo Zoo throught Europe in 1969. The present edition is a collaboration with Michael Goodman on the Nexus Press. The first performance from this edition occurs on the 20th of March, 1979."
 - Lionello Gennero 

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