Friday, November 18, 2016


Last Saturday, a new bookstore "dedicated to Artists' Books and Independent Art Publications" opened in Philadelphia, the first of it's kind in the city. Founded by Nerissa Cooney, Lauren Downing, Kayla Romberger, Gee Wesley, Ricky Yanas, and Joel Evey, the non-profit venture will invite contributors to "present publications, workshops, lectures, artworks or collaborations in response to a theme". The inaugural theme is "Active Voice", with an exhibition featuring video by Hannah Black and sound work by Steffani Jemison, alongside a reading station with titles selected by Performa curator Mark Beasley.

The store is named Ulises, after Ulises Carrión, the Mexican conceptualist whose Other Books and So (Amsterdam, 1975-1979) serves as a model for the project. Ulises is located in a converted garage space at 31 E Columbia Avenue, and is opened from noon to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Visit their website, here.

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