Monday, November 28, 2016

MKG127 at the Untitled Art Fair, Miami

MKG127 is participating in the UNTITLED Art Fair at Miami Beach this week, for the third consecutive year. The gallery is presenting works by Kristiina Lahde and Roula Partheniou at Booth D7. The fair is open to the public Wednesday November 30 - Saturday December 3, 11 AM - 7 PM, and Sunday December 4, 11 AM - 5PM.

Partheniou's replicas include the above coffee cup, rubiks cube, gluestick, plunger, styrofoam, plates, milk carton, thermoses, tape rolls, tools, sponge, fluorescent bulb, cardboard boxes, colour field record crate and the (easy to miss) fire alarm and wall vent. These are all made of wood or MDF, painted with acrylic, I believe. The sculptures are accompanied by a few framed drawings of photocopies. She is also presenting a brand new series of wooden paintbrushes hanging on wooden nails. 

Lahde's work includes a beautiful photo series on the outer wall, collages made with measuring tapes and the large circular modular work on the back wall, made with metal rulers. 

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