Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pitchfork: 8 Musicians on why Yoko Ono matters

Kim Gordon:

As someone like myself who also comes from the art world, Yoko is my mainstream, and being ‘the other’ is a way of life to celebrate!”

Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs:

I can’t think of a better time in history to hear a woman scream-sing her head off. Leaps of faith inspire other leaps of faith.


I have always looked to Yoko Ono for the deepest feminist wisdom and artistic courage. Her influence has been profound. Yoko also endured public scorn as a female artist in the way that some activists endure years of imprisonment. This experience seems only to have amplified her grace.”

Meghan Remy of U.S. Girls:

Donald ‘This Is Not A Joke’ Trump will be the 45th president of the (too powerful) United States. There could never be a more appropriate time for the widespread redistribution of Yoko Ono’s ideas.


Yoko transcends generations and is the biggest badass of them all!

Julianna Barwick:

The first time I saw her “Cut Piece” film, I couldn't believe she had done it in the ’60s. I saw Peaches do ‘Cut Piece’ at Meltdown 2013 and it was so shocking, still to this day.

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