Tuesday, November 22, 2016

David Horvitz | Studio Rent Editions/August, 2015

David Horvitz
Studio Rent Editions/August, 2015
Los Angeles, USA: Self-published, 2015
10.4 x 24 cm. / 10.2 x 15 cm.
Edition of ten signed, numbered and dated copies

"My studio rent edition series are a series of monthly editions that subsidizes my monthly studio rent. They are all an edition of 10 and sold for 1/10th of my studio rent. Most of previous ones are sold out (some are available at my gallery in Berlin). Each month I send out an email describing the new piece, and you can purchase one, and it is then mailed to you. Maybe this series could also be seen as a monthly mail art project as well."


"For an exhibition last year in Santa Barbara, California, I had 30 copies of my Public Access artist-book bound to library standards in an archival blue material with gold foil stamping by Trappist monks in Oregon. I drove up the California coast and left these books in local libraries.
The edition is five 4″x6″ photographs in a business envelope. The stamp and signature is on the back of the envelope…”

- David Horvitz

Horvitz has been producing the Studio Rent Editions since 2010, with buyers of the works covering the rental cost of his studio (first in New York, and then in Los Angeles). His commitment to the pricing model is consistent - a few years ago he spent the month of December on residence where there was no studio fee. The Studio Rent Edition that month was distributed without charge.

Opening today at the Joseph Gross Gallery (at the University of Arizona - not, uh, the Joseph Gross Gallery in NYC) is the exhibition David Horvitz: The Studio Rent Editions: 2010 –Ongoing, bringing back together six years of dispersed projects that include an envelope of sand, collections of snapshot photographs, postcards, rubber stamped envelopes and various other mail art projects.   

The exhibition continues until January 13th, 2017 and an opening reception is being held on December 1st, from 5 to 7pm, which will include a talk by the artist.

For more information visit the gallery website, here, and for further examples, see The Archive is Limited, here

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