Friday, November 18, 2016

This week on Tumblr: Implosions, Inc.

Intended as a revenue-generating arm of Fluxus, Implosions Inc. was founded by George Maciunas, artist Robert Watts and businessman Herman Fine in 1967. The goal was to mass produce works by Fluxus artists which might have the potential to cross over into a larger audience. They produced items such as items such as temporary tattoos, stickers, posters and postage stamps, and prototypes for printed aprons and other wearable works.

In a Fluxus newsletter dated March 8th, 1967, Maciunas announced:

"Triple partnership was formed between Bob Watts, Herman Fine and myself to introduce into mass market some potentialy [sic] money producing products (of practical nature) (mostly) Some contacts with manufacturers may promise success. This business will be operated in commercial manner, with intent to make profits. Artists will be offered 5% royalty from total gross sales of products designed by him. Though connection between Fluxus collective and Implosions Inc. has not been clarified yet (though 66% of Implosions is Fluxus in personel [sic] and products), we could consider at present Fluxus to be a kind of division or subsidiary of Implosions.”

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