Thursday, October 20, 2016

Librairie Formats Closing

From what appears to be an auto-translated press release:

"Final closure of the bookstore formats
Montreal, October 20, 2016
The grouping of the centres of artists directed du Québec announces that it puts an end to the activities of the bookstore formats from 29 October next. This library, one of the last-born of independent bookstores, had opened its doors in January 2012 and to meet the needs of a clientele specialized in arts. She was located at 3th floor, 2-22, at the corner of st-Laurent-Ste-Catherine. Like the other independent bookstores, formats didn't realize the profits. The Rcaaq, manager of this project, therefore must put an end to its operations.
The bookstore formats has been in business for nearly five years after it was set up by Jean Lalonde and Patrick Vézina; its current booksellers, Marie-sweet st-Jacques, Danny Gaudreault and Marc Gagnon, had made him a unique place in Montreal And even in Canada thanks to a very professional selection of books always surprising, without compromise and sorted on the shutter. Formats was " the " Library of an entire community of readers, artists and intellectuals and " we were their booksellers ", exclaims Marie-sweet st-Jacques, who wishes to thank its clients " who have always shown interest And Enthusiasm, kindness and (sometimes) of patience ".
The Booksellers of formats if affaireront during the next few weeks to finalize all of the operations. They'll get in touch with each of the consignees, distributors and publishers in business with formats for the termination of contracts and the final payment of monies owed. Before, all publications in bookstore will be put on sale at a great balance of 40 % which will be held from Wednesday, October 26, to Saturday 29 October 2016 in opening hours as usual.
For Information: Bastien Gilbert, at 514 842-3984, ext. 225"

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