Monday, October 3, 2016

Helen Douglas and Telfer Stokes | Loophole

Helen Douglas and Telfer Stokes
London, UK: Weproductions, 1975
[unpaginated], 17.8 x 10.4 cm., softcover
Edition of 1000

"...a classic work made by TelferStokes and Helen Douglas in London in 1975. “Loophole” is a small black and white, offset book, comprising various loose sequences of photographic images which continually disturb usual expectations of how to read the dimensions of a book. We find here an ongoing perceptual game with the conventions of the various levels of illusory photographic and page spaces. This cascade of illusions has philosophical implications for the space occupied by the reader. How, in the end, are we to understand this book?"

Available from Printed Matter, here, for $150 US. 

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