Sunday, October 23, 2016

/edition Art Book Fair: Rutherford Chang

Four years ago at Art Toronto, I hosted an informal "In conversation" presentation with Beijing/New York artist Rutherford Chang on the topic of "Re-Translating Popular Culture in Contemporary Video Art."

Chang is back this year, as part of /edition Toronto, this time in conversation with the fair's director Bill Clarke. On Saturday October 29th, at 12:30pm Clarke and Chang will discuss "the personal, art-historical and conceptual aspects of the artist’s installation We Buy White Albums and some of his recent projects, such as his participation the New Museum’s Real Live Online series."

The conversation will take place in the We Buy White Albums project at the fair: an installation resembling a record store, stocked with over 1,500 first pressings of the Beatles' eponymous double LP.  The albums are arranged in bins by the 'edition' numbers on the cover. Visitors can flip through the LPs and see how previous owners have personalized the ‘blank canvas’ of the record jacket with stickers, doodles, and even some love letters.

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