Friday, October 21, 2016

⁄ edition Toronto

In advance of the 1/edition fair next week,  I will try post as many books and multiples as possible in the coming days from participating artists and publishers. Send photos and information to of works that will be launching at the fair.

Co-founded by Division Gallery Director Gareth Brown-Jowett and Magenta Foundation President MaryAnn Camilleri, /edition Toronto is "dedicated to the promotion of art book publishing, in all forms, while building an appreciation for artworks produced in editions of more than one."

The inaugural fair runs from October 28th to the 31st, concurrent to Art Toronto, Canada’s international art fair at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

 ⁄ edition is directed by Magenta Magazine editor and collector Bill Clarke. The advisory board consists of myself, Art Metropole curator Nasrin Himada, and the artists Paul ButlerCharles Stankievech and Danielle St. Amour. Co-presenters include Art Metropole and Art Toronto. Vendors include:

8/11 (Toronto, Canada)
Afterall (London, United Kingdom)
Akin Projects (Toronto, Canada)
Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe (Toronto, Canada)
Archive of Modern Conflict (Toronto, Canada)
Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada)
Art Gallery of York University (Toronto, Canada)
Art Metropole (Toronto, Canada)
Art Works Consulting (Toronto, Canada)
BALZERI BALZERI (Toronto, Canada)
Blank Cheque (Vancouver / Toronto, Canada)
Brown & Dickson (London, Canada)
Bywater Bros (Toronto, Canada)
C Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
Colour Code (Toronto, Canada)
CRIT Paper (Toronto, Canada)
Critical Distance Centre for Curators (Toronto, Canada)
Dashwood Books (New York, United States)
Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina, Canada)
Ediciones Daga (Santiago, Chile)
ELLEPHANT (Montréal, Canada)
GuyGuyGuy (Toronto, Canada)
Hex Editions (Toronto, Canada)
Holiday Arts Mail-Order School (Toronto, Canada)
HOMOCATS (Brooklyn, United States)
HOTAM (Vancouver, Canada)
IMPULSE [b:] (Toronto, Canada)
Issue Press (Grand Rapids, United States)
JMS Press (Toronto, Canada)
K. Verlag (Toronto, Canada / Berlin, Germany)
Kunstverein Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
Magenta Foundation / Division Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
McIntosh Gallery (London, Canada)
Mercer Union (Toronto, Canada)
Middle Path Prints (Toronto, Canada)
Mondo Books (Tromsø, Norway)
Nicolas Fleming (Toronto, Canada)
Nothing Else Press (Toronto, Canada)
OKAY Collective (Toronto, Canada)
Open Studio (Toronto, Canada)
Other Forms (Chicago, United States)
Parasitic Ventures Press (Toronto, Canada)
Paul + Wendy Projects (Toronto, Canada)
Perish Publishing (Toronto, Canada)
Prefix Photo (Toronto, Canada)
Presentation House (Vancouver, Canada)
Project Gallery Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
Rare Photo Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Ray-Ray (Toronto, Canada)
Robert Tombs / L’Arène (Ottawa, Canada)
Sagan Editions (Toronto, Canada)
Scrap Books (Toronto, Canada)
Seth Fluker (Toronto, Canada)
Stephen Bulger Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Steven Beckly (Toronto, Canada)
Swimmers Group (Toronto, Canada)
The Canadian Academy in Rome (Toronto, Canada)
The Power Plant (Toronto, Canada)
Troy Gronsdahl (Saskatoon, Canada)
Wil Aballe Art Projects | WAAP (Vancouver, Canada)
YYZ Artists’ Outlet (Toronto, Canada)
Zach Clark (Oakland, United States)

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