Monday, September 19, 2016

You're the Guy I Want To Share My Money With

Laurie Anderson/John Giorno/William S Burroughs
You're the Guy I Want To Share My Money With
New York City, USA: Giorno Poetry Systems, 1981
Vinyl LP/Audio Cassette
Edition size unknown

A cassette and double LP released in 1981, with the CD following in 1993.  The tenth Giorno Poetry Systems release (and the second to feature Giorno and Burroughs), the disk was recorded during the "Red Night" spoken word tour of 1981. Most of Anderson's material came from her magnum opus United States, and live versions of some tracks, such as "It Was Up in the Mountains", would also be included in her later 5-LP release, United States Live. This was Anderson's first major album release predating her solo debut, Big Science, by a year.

The LP was a multi-grooved record, so depending on where the needle landed on the record listeners would hear either an Anderson, Burroughs or Giorno track.

1. Laurie Anderson Born, Never Asked
Organ [Farfisa], Handclaps, Violin, Marimba – Laurie Anderson
2. Laurie Anderson Closed Circuits
Electronics [Microphone Stand Turned Through Harmonizer], Percussion [Wood Block] – Laurie Anderson
3. Laurie Anderson Dr. Miller
Producer, Engineer – Roma Baran
Saxophone – Perry Hoberman
Synthesizer, Percussion, Performer [Pa] – Laurie Anderson
Written-By – Laurie Anderson, Perry Hoberman
4. Laurie Anderson It Was Up In The Mountains
Voice [Read By] – Paul From L.A.
5. Laurie Anderson For Electronic Dogs
Electronics, Violin – Laurie Anderson
6. Laurie Anderson Structuralist Filmmaking 1:10
7. Laurie Anderson Drums 0:34
8. William S. Burroughs Introducing John Stanley Hart; He Entered The Bar With The Best Intentions 2:23
9. William S. Burroughs Twilight's Last Gleamings 2:51
10. William S. Burroughs My Protagonist Kim Carson 4:56
11. William S. Burroughs Salt Chunk Mary; Like Mr. Hart, Kim Has A Dark Side To His Character 4:13
12. William S. Burroughs Progressive Education 7:13
13. William S. Burroughs The Wild Fruits 2:26
14. William S. Burroughs The Unworthy Vessel 2:45
15. William S. Burroughs The Name Is Clem Snide 2:03
16. William S. Burroughs Mr. Hart Couldn't Hear The Word Death 2:54
17. John Giorno I Don't Need It, I Don't Want It, And You Cheated Me Out Of It 10:40
18. John Giorno Completely Attached To Delusion 7:47

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