Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hexágono ’71

Hexágono ’71 Magazine was a loose-leaf periodical distributed as an envelope containing visual poems, essays, drawings, stories, woodcuts, tickets, telegrams, rubbert stamped works, photocopies, and works “to be created,” alongside calls for works by both international and local authors. Argentinian artist Edgardo Antonio Vigo served as the "editor in-responsible" or “non-responsible editor”, promoting the project as a fluid periodical, with the issues taking shape "as the works come in". Vigo's previous serial publications include WC (1958), DRKW (1060) and Diagonal Cero (1962 to 1968).

Hexágono ’71 provided no editorial commentary, page numbers, or editorial credits, and the issues were systematized by a lettering system rather than numbered: a, ab*, ac, b*c, b*d, b*e, cd, ce, cf, de, df, dg and e.

Began in 1971, during the dictatorship of Juan Carlos Onganía, the contributions to the magazine often responded to the violence of the military regime. Alongside the South American avant-garde, the periodical featured works by artists from the United States, France, Italy and the UK (Germano Celant, Dick Higgins, Genesis P.Orridge, etc.).

The final issue of Hexágono ’71 was published in 1975. Complete sets are rare, and sell for between six and eight thousand dollars.

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