Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lorna Bauer Ray~Ray Edition Launch Tonight

RAY~RAY, the artists' jewelry project by Ella Dawn McGeough and Sarah Nasby, launches it's second edition (after Kelly Jazvac earlier this year) tonight at G Gallery.

Ibiza, by Montreal-based artist Lorna Bauer, is a series of sculptures as necklaces. Handcrafted through the process of flameworking, they were developed as a response to the writings of Walter Benjamin and William S. Burroughs (the former's letters to his lover, the latter's descriptions of "color walks"). In an earlier series of sculptures, also titled Ibiza, Bauer produced glass forms loosely derived from the Dream Machine invention, by Burroughs’ colleague Brion Gysin.

For her Ray~Ray jewelry edition, Lorna has produced micro-versions of the original with slight deviations. Here, coloured molten glass is manipulated to possibly resemble creatures seen through the water that surrounds the island of Ibiza. The former pieces sometimes 12 to 15 feet in height were suspended from floor to ceiling, objects held in tension with the space around it. Here, for Ray~Ray, the body replaces that space and the wearer becomes the vertical frame from which the jewelry is hung.

To accompany each edition, Ray~Ray commissions a new text. Here writer Ania Wroblewski to responds to Ibiza. Her text, La Plage, will be included with each edition.

Ibiza is available in a limited edition of 15, each unique.

The launch takes place at the former location of G Gallery (134 Ossington Street - entrance on Foxley Pl, rear of building, from 7 to 9pm tonight, Tuesday September 27th.

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