Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ulay Sues Marina Abramović

From Artforum:

"Frank Uwe Laysiepen, known for over fifty years as Ulay, Marina Abramović’s artistic and life partner, is now suing Abramović, according to The Guardian’s Noah Charney. In the suit, Ulay alleges that Abramović has withheld money from him for sixteen years, and failed to recognize his role in their joint work. He also claims that she has censored some of their collaborations.

Eighteen years ago their relationship came to a close in a moment that has since entered art-history textbooks: The two traversed the Great Wall of China from opposite ends, meeting in the middle to say goodbye. Ulay later sold his physical archive to Abramović, and the two agreed on a contract to manage their collaborative work.

Now, Ulay alleges that he has received three statements over the last sixteen years, and a total of just over $35,000 dollars over only four payments, despite the fact that her works go for significantly higher sums. He points to an Adidas commercial that used their joint work.

“The points I’m asking of her are: every six months, a statement on sales and my royalties,” he told Charney. “And I’m asking for absolute proper mentioning of my name.”"

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