Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jon Sasaki | Rightsized Limo Air Freshener

Jon Sasaki
Rightsized Limo Air Freshener
Detroit, USA: Canadian Residency, 2015
18 x 5.5 cm
Edition of 250

A functioning car air freshener ("New Car Scent") that serves as a souvenir for Jon Sasaki's work of the same name, performed two weeks ago today at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, just outside of the Mike Kelley Homestead (which can be seen in the back of some of the below iPhone pics).

The performance lasted about six hours on a beautiful, sunny mid-November afternoon. Sasaki, with help from local welders and students from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, trisected a stretched limousine, removed the middle section and welded the vehicle back together again, now the size of a Town Car.

With echoes of the work of Gordon Matta-Clark, the piece also tied in nicely to recent Sisyphean tasks the artist has undertaken, including Bouncy Highrise (see Nuit Blanche post below) and 58 Yard / 53.0352 Metre Runway, where Sasaki built and attempted to fly an aircraft using only instructions from a thirty-five year old issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. (see video, here).

Read more about the project at, here

The air freshener multiple was distributed free of charge to the first 100 visitors at the performance. It's possible that additional copies are available from the publisher, here.

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