Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jon Sasaki | The All-New 2015 Rightsized Limo

Today at 1pm at the Detroit Musem of Contemporary Art, Jon Sasaki presents a screening of the film he made in residency at the Glenfiddich distillery this summer: 58 Yard / 53.0352 Metre Runway, which documents his attempt to build and fly a one-seat airplane. This will be followed by an informal talk.

Tomorrow, in the museum's parking lot, Sasaki performs The All-New 2015 Rightsized Limo, in which he will dismantle the above white limousine and repurpose it as a standard sized town car.

Limited-edition air fresheners designed by Sasaki as an artistʼs multiple will be given to the first 100 visitors.

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