Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wolf Vostell | 310 Ideen T O T (Technological Oak Tree)

Wolf Vostell
310 Ideen T O T (Technological Oak Tree)
Hinwil, Switzerland: Galerie Howeg, 1972
9.5 x 13.5 x 8 cm.
Edition of 170 signed and numbered copies

Dedicated to Dick Higgins, this multiple consists of a cardboard card-file box containing 319 printed index "idea" cards. The image on the top of the lid depicts a row of three closed metal filing boxes; an image on the inside of the lid shows them open, revealing one to be empty, one filled with dirt and the third containing folders.

It's available here, for € 800

A deluxe edition of 50 copies was also produced, which also included a smaller cardboard box, linked by a length of cord, containing a triangular block of concrete. A photograph of a dog adorns the lid.

"T.O.T. is the abbreviation of the 'Technological Oak Tree' because I started my project with an oak tree in the Los Angeles area in 1969. It is now a 20 meter high maple tree in Vermont, on which various physical elements (natural events) 1. are measured, 2. are transported to the house, and 3. are indicated on an idea console, where each measuring instrument is related to an idea file. The user or observer finds for 310 measured readings 310 corresponding ideas: he is free to perform each one after another. Human behavior is triggered by the physical behavior of nature."
- Wolf Vostell

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