Friday, October 11, 2013

Peter Liversidge | Selected Proposals

Peter Liversidge
Selected Proposals
Edinburgh, UK: Ingleby Gallery, 2013
284 pp, 27.6 x 22.2 cm., softcover
Edition of 1000

For the last twelve years London based artist Peter Liversidge has been hand typing (on an Olivetti typewriter) proposals for projects that may or may not be actualized. He says "It's important that some of the proposals are actually realized, but no more so than the others that remain only as text on a piece of A4 paper." The projects range from proposing the reinstating of the Nor Loch, to asking the Proclaimers to walk another 500 miles.

This publication draws on works from the last 8 years of the artist's practice, instructional scores sent in the mail to institutions or individuals who may choose to enact them. Alongside facsimile reproductions of the proposals, the book features a transcript of a discussion between Liversidge and Whitechapel Gallery curator, Daniel F. Herrmann and a new essay by writer and curator Clive Phillpot.

Next Friday (October 18th) at 8pm, Printed Matter will host a book launch and gin performance by Liversidge. Gin will be served by uniformed staff in editioned etched glasses from a ramshackle-y Gin Stand under white bunting. “The performance lasts for the duration of the gin, once it runs out the performance is over.”

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