Saturday, October 5, 2013

1-855-IS IT ART?

One of the best aspects of Nuit Blanche is the way that it inadvertently activates the entire city. You might stumble upon something that you had never noticed before, and it's unclear if your discovery is an art project or just some things abandoned by the side of the road, or a nice reflection of light from a nearby mirrored sign. Is the arguing couple throwing things a performance? Are those pylons around an open manhole an installation? Etc. Etc.

Tonight you can call 1-855-IS IT ART (1-855-474-8278) and the VSVSVS team will talk you through your dilemma. You can also visit City Hall, where a live feed of their call centre headquarters will be broadcast, or stream it live at

Check out multiples by the collective at their website, here:

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