Thursday, October 3, 2013

Micah Lexier | Each of the Words

Micah Lexier
Each of the Words
Vancouver, Canada: XXX, 2012
24 pp., 20 x 13 cm, b/w laser printing on turquoise pages, staple-bound
Edition of 100

"Each of the Words  is a very simple project, merging my interests in handwriting, self-descriptive texts and alternative portraiture. I asked 15 different friends to handwrite one of the words in a 15-word sentence. I collected the handwritten words a few years ago, with the intention of making a little bookwork from it eventually. When Ho [Tam] approached me about producing a zine as part of his series, I realized this was the opportunity I was waiting for to bring this project to life."

Available for $12 US from the publisher, here.

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