Thursday, October 3, 2013

Micah Lexier | Individually Numbered Pin

Micah Lexier
Individually Numbered Pin
Toronto, Canada: Drake Hotel/Art Toronto, 2009
4 x 4 cm
Offset printed in black, individually hand stamped in red
Edition of 500

The third in a series (following Kelly Mark and Derek Sullivan) of buttons produced by The Drake Hotel and Art Toronto, to be given away at the Toronto International Art Fair. Lexier created 500 individually numbered pins:

"I have long been interested in the concept of the unique multiple and have made many projects that play with variations on this idea. Sequential numbering is one of my favourite ways to turn a mass-produced item into a unique object. Since 1999, I have sequentially numbered my own stationery - business card, letterhead and envelope. Each time I move to a different apartment I start the numbering back at 00001."
- Micah Lexier

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