Thursday, January 11, 2018

Matt Connors remembers Shannon Michael Cane

"I remember [...] visiting Shannon at Printed Matter and going dancing with him downtown at Vandam’s. I felt a change in the air. Things felt messy again; things felt fun again. I quickly moved back. It was shortly thereafter that Shannon’s tenure as curator of the Art Book Fairs began, and this spark of energy seemed to actually ignite. I will never, ever forget the feeling at the first few New York and LA Art Book fairs under the leadership of Shannon and his partner in crime, Jordan Nassar. The exuberance and actual joy in the air felt distinctly new, it was almost palpable, almost sexual (well—actually sexual for Shannon). I sensed all of this most acutely in Los Angeles, a cultural landscape that had been so thirsty for exactly this kind of communion—I felt and heard the town actually physically rejoicing for this access to a real-life meeting place where people could meet and exchange ideas."

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