Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dave Dyment | A Dollar and Two Crowns

Dave Dyment
A Dollar and Two Crowns
Toronto, Canada: Self-published, 2018
12 x 14.5"
Edition of 5 signed and numbered copies

In addition to a large light box version (24 x 40 x 24 inches), A Dollar and Two Crowns is available as a boxed collection of thirteen images printed on thick plexiglass, with a hand-painted cover. The work consists of X-rays featuring instances of ingested currency and lost teeth:  five pennies, two nickels, a dime, three quarters and two crowns.

"The one exception in the exhibition has nothing to do with other artists' art but it is also based on found material. The series of x-ray images that make up A Dollar and Two Crowns are taken from images of the insides of individuals who have swallowed coins and teeth. The alien elements literally become part of the person. When they are viewed, they are seen as solid white shapes within the murky blur of our bodies. Their presence is undeniable. The person will pass away; what will remain is the art. "
- Terrence Dick, Akimbo

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