Monday, January 29, 2018

Jeffrey and Humphrey

[Marcel Dzama and Neil Farber]
Jeffrey and Humphrey
Winnipeg, Canada: Record Club Records, 2017
7" 45 rpm single
Edition of 200

The inaugural release from Record Club Records, a label collectively run by members of the Winnipeg based record club (Paul Butler, Jonathan Dueck, Michael Dumontier, Simon Hughes, Evan Johnson, Paul Robles, John K Samson, Todd Scarth, Caelum Vatnsdal and Nils Vik), Jeffrey and Humphrey is a project by "two prominent Winnipeg artists" who play the roles of rapping dinosaurs - Jeffrey, Humphrey and Dumb Buddy.

The minimally designed packaging is intended to preserve the anonymity of the artists, and the mystery of the date it was recorded.

Available for $15 from Into The Music, Winnipeg, @birdsnestrecords, and MKG127 in Toronto.

"With my headphones on, I entered the video world of Jeffrey and Humphrey, two snaggle-toothed hand puppets with long fanged beaks and mysterious Eastern European accents who preside proudly over their hubcap collection and belt out their instant classic "Doggie ain't got no bone!" I defy anyone to remain immune to their charms for more than 25 seconds."
- Sara Milroy, Globe and Mail, 2003

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