Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Recommendation Guest Post: Robert Rebotti

Vincenzo Agnetti
Milan/Viareggio, Italy: Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti/Edizioni Cinquemarzo, 2017
188 pp., 14 x 20 cm., softcover
New Edition of 200

Edited by Giuseppe Calandriello and Daniele Poletti, this new edition features the original cover artwork by Enrico Castellani, and essays by Germana Agnetti, Cecilia Bello Minciacchi, and Bruno Corà. The new edition also includes the text by Corrado Costa, Guida del viaggiatore immobile.

Available for € 20.00.

Vincenzo Agnetti
Milan, Italy: Vanni Scheiwiller, 1968
177 pp., 18 x 12,5 cm., softcover
Edition of 1000 numbered copies

In conjunction with the book, Scheiwiller published Guida del viaggiatore immobile. A proposito di Obsoleto, romanzo di Vincenzo Agnetti, by Corrado Costa, Milano, 1968, 14 pp., 21 x 21 cm., excerpt from «Malebolge», n. 5, Edition of 500 numbered.

«In 1968 [Agnetti] inaugurated Scheiwiller’s “Denarratori” series with his novel Obsoleto (Obsolete). The cover is by Enrico Castellani, almost sealing the intellectual and project-related partnership at the basis of Azimuth. Obsoleto has its roots in the years from 1963 to 1967 and aims to recover what had fallen into disuse and disappeared: in this sense it acts as a link between the two key phases of his life. What is more, the circular path of the narrative, the frequent use of purely graphic solutions, and the illegible pages at the end due to the filing of the lead composition by the artist himself, mark the start of reflection on language that goes beyond criticism and epistemology to enter the realm of art in a strictly conceptual sense. Just as it is impossible to separate Agnetti’s life from his artistic production from this point on, so it would also be contrived to distinguish between Agnetti the writer, Agnetti the painter, Agnetti the sculptor and Agnetti the critic. We are now faced with the “man and artist”, about whom Agnetti wrote in 1967 (Intorno alla [Around], in the book on Piero Manzoni published by Scheiwiller), where the different dimensions of criticism and artistic creativity merge to form an extraordinary singularity.» – excerpt from When I Saw Myself I wasn't There, A biography of Vincenzo Agnetti, by Germana Agnetti, Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti (

Further Information: (Series of the new edition) (Series of the new edition) (Publisher of the new edition) (Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti) (Fondazione Enrico Castellani) (Archivio Corrado Costa – Biblioteca Panizzi)

Robert Rebotti is a graphic designer with an intense interest in gnoseology, philosophy and history of science, epistemology and relational design practices. Visit his website here and his tumblr page here.

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