Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Recommendation Guest Post: Wendy Gomoll

Wearable Editions

Floriography, or the language behind flowers, dates back to Victorian times.  Certain varieties, their colours, or the manner in which they are arranged send silent, coded messages. Similar to the wearing of particular clothes or logos to convey to others, without language, loyalty to bands, political parties or teams.

Karen Azoulay’s YES/NO/MAYBE Scarf, created in collaboration with M-82, employs the form of the knitted soccer scarf along with the coded messages of flowers. Instead of revealing the wearer’s favourite team, the arrangement of the scarf wordlessly broadcasts their frame of mind: the red carnation means YES, the yellow NO, and the striped flower MAYBE. Produced in an edition of 25 for $100, it’s the perfect edition for those who prefer subliminal messages to speech.

December 2017 saw the return of Art Metropole’s popular Gifts by Artists event. United under the title Every. Day. Objects., the exhibition and sale is comprised of editions from 29 artists. Beth Stuart’s Macaroni Necklace is an elegant, geometric pendant from afar revealed closer up to be a macaroni noodle cast in sterling silver, strung on a chain. This playful, tongue-in-cheek piece of jewelry evokes grade school crafts made threading pasta shapes on string.

The necklace, in an unsigned, unnumbered edition of 19 (with one artist proof) is accompanied by a text by the artist and available through Art Metropole for $85.

Wendy Gomoll is an archivist with a background in photography, and the co-publisher of Paul + Wendy Projects, which publishes artists' books, editions and multiples.

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