Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Miranda July | Margie Ruskie Stops Time

Miranda July w/ The Need
Margie Ruskie Stops Time
Portland, USA: Kill Rock Stars, 1996
7" 45 rpm single
Edition size unknown

The debut release for both Miranda July, and for backing band The Need (who went on to record for Kill Rock Stars, Outpunk and Chainsaw Records). July would later revisit the subject of stopping time in her second feature-length film, The Future.

"’s funny at another interview thing someone brought an old 7-inch of mine that’s called Margie Ruskie Stops Time, and I was like, “Oh, right! I forgot I already had this idea. Thankfully, you’re kind of the only person who has this 7-inch, I think!” But I’m a real sucker for anything to do with time or time travel. I could have gotten way nerdier there, but I tried to keep it emotional."
- Miranda July, interviewed by Christopher Frizzelle

The disc is available here, for between five and ten dollars (depending on condition). It is also available as a $2 download from Bandcamp, here.

July turns 43 today.

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