Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Katharina Fritsch | Madonna

Katharina Fritsch
Madonnenfigur (Madonna Figure)
Düsseldorf, Germany: Self-published, 1982
30 x 8 x 6 cm.
Unlimited edition

A painted plaster edition, originally unlimited but no longer being produced. The work was also produced as a larger (not quite lifesize) sculptural work as part of a series titled Figurengruppe  (or Group of Figures) from 2006-2008. Alongside Madonna was Torso, Vas, Skeleton Feet, St. Michael, Giant, St. Katharina, St. Nicolas and Snake (below).

“First, the Madonna is just a plaster figure, not Mary herself. To that extent the plaster figure is just as much a thing as a vase is. Of course the plaster figure symbolizes something, even something unique. The uniqueness disappears in my work, but essentially it disappears long before, in every souvenir shop. And the strange thing now is that every individual plaster figure does retain a certain aura, even in quantity.”
- Katharina Fritsch

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