Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hans-Peter Feldmann | Nur für Privat

Hans-Peter Feldmann
Nur für Privat
Köln, Germany: Walther König, 2016
152 pp., 22.5 x 17 x 1.5 cm., hardcover
Edition size unknown

Released last September, Nur für Privat is one of the artist's most graphic titles since the six volumes of the Voyeur series. The book is a portrait of 1970's and '80's German swingers, and of a time when
amateur porn existed in printed form, before the internet. The snapshot photographs of mostly nude women were originally circulated by swinging couples through the mail, after initial contact was made through classified ads in magazines and newspapers.

The title Nur für Privat roughly translates to "For private use only" and consists of found photography mostly taken in domestic settings: with the woman posing in front of bookshelves, rec room sofas and christmas trees. Outdoor shots include forests and waterfalls, but also women pumping gas and riding in parking lot shopping carts. Many of the subjects are bound, or surrounded by a range of sex toys (dildos, carrots, candles, wine-bottles, etc.)

Available from Printed Matter, for $40 US, here.

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