Thursday, February 2, 2017

Daniel Arsham | Camera (Future Relic DAFR-02)

Daniel Arsham
Camera (Future Relic DAFR-02)
Miami, USA: Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, 2014
14.4 x 15.7 x 8.1 cm.
Edition of 450 signed and numbered copies

Plaster and broken glass.

"Much of the time when we think about what a camera does, we think of it as a producer of images,” says the exhibit’s artist, Daniel Arsham, whose first camera was a Pentax K1000. “The object itself is not always what is important. The camera is not the cultural artifact, the image [it produces] is.

The reduction of color allows audiences to experience the formal qualities of things.

Many of us that use photography have a relationship with the object. If you want, call it a fetish, but the camera is definitely an object than can evoke strong feelings."
- Daniel Arsham

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