Friday, December 23, 2016

Richard Hughes | Joyful Sorrow

Richard Hughes
Joyful Sorrow
London, UK: Momart, 2008
11 x 5 x 3 cm.
Edition size unknown

A cast plastic multiple, depicting a deflated white balloon with a carrot-nosed snowman's face, produced as part of the annual gift program by the British art packing and transport company.
Inscribed on the verso: R. Hughes. Momart 2008. Issued in a ziplock bag with a two-page description:

"Richard Hughes makes intricate illusions that trick the viewer while, at the same time, laying their artifice bare. His sculptures and installations resemble the aftermaths of good times gone sour. Bags of jettisoned old clothes, rising damp, burnt-out hedges and surreptitious bottles of urine-dog-end residues which hint at elaborate histories. Culturally specific, his works tap into shared memories and the bittersweet feelings reserved for things past their best while revealing themselves to be shams".

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