Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday Recommendation Guest Post: Eunice Luk

Pink Freud
Taipei, Taiwan: nos:books, 2015
62 pp., 13cm x 19.5 cm., Letter press cover, two colour riso interior.
Perfect bound with pink glue on three edges.

"Pink Freud is a collection of Chihoi’s erotic sketches, made while he was watching AV movies. The sketches capture the fleeting moments of the artist’s horny mind. And the tension, between the horny eye and the aesthetic eye, is honestly jotted down on paper."  The book edges are also sealed with pink glue, one must cut from an opening on the book's fore edge to reveal a new page. It's a beautiful, alluring book published by one of my favourite publishers in Asia.

You can purchase a copy on nosbooks' website :

Eunice Luk is an artist currently based in Yokohama, Japan. Luk makes simple, subjective recordings of positive and negative space using a wide range of media and processes, transcending materiality into personal language. Luk has recently exhibited at The Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery (Tokyo), Swiss Institute (New York), Printed Matter (New York), The Walter Phillips Gallery (Banff) and Art Metropole (Toronto).  Luk also published under the imprint, 'Slow Editions'. Since 2014, Slow Editions has published artist books and multiples by Hanna Hur, Vanessa Maltese, Alicia Nauta, Masanao Hirayama, Sophy Naess and Katie Lyle. Slow Editions regularly exhibits at art book fairs in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

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