Friday, December 23, 2016

Gary Hume | Fuzzy Snowman blue flocked ground with seven detachable white felt circles

Gary Hume
Fuzzy Snowman blue flocked ground with seven detachable white felt circles
London, UK: Momart, 2000
27.5 x 19 cm.
Edition size unknown

"The snowman is an image to which Gary Hume often returns. His screen print Snowman of 1996 presents a bold orange and brown snowman 'aglow against a soft sunset pink'. The painting Snowman of 1996 was a brown and red snowman against a rich blue background. Fuzzy Snowman [the present work] is icier with two white circles on a cool blue ground. It is a do-it-yourself artwork with a fuzzy ground an detachable felt pieces. For Hume the snowman is a self-portrait. It is seen from behind, looking toward the horizon and wholly dependent on the season. ... With thanks to Honey Luard at White Cube ... [and] Mandy Chubb at Fuzzy-felt."

- publishers blurb

"Every year the fine art handling company Momart commissions a British artist to design their corporate Christmas greeting which they sends to customers and contacts in the art world. In this multiple, issued as their Christmas greeting in 2000, Gary Hume uses the snowman, a form that can be articulated simply as two circles. Hume is best known for his glossy paintings, generally based on easily identifiable objects such as doors, flowers or the faces of celebrities, forms which he often represents in simple silhouettes.

Making pictures out of felt pieces is usually seen as a creative pursuit for small children. In this piece Hume alludes to the commonly-held view that 'Christmas is for children', but offers adults a chance to share in this pleasure and playfulness by designing an "interactive" greeting to be customised by the recipients."
- Victoria and Albert Museum

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