Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Recommendations Guest Post: Ella Dawn McGeough

1) Model Bags 3D Print by Julia Weissenberg

Julia Weissenberg
Model Bags 3D Print, 2016
foil, 12 x 14 x 7 cm
Edition of 10
95 €

A replica of a Issey Miyake designer bag was 3D scanned and reproduced with a 3D printer. The pattern/ structure of the original bag is similar to the polygon mesh, which is often used for 3D modelling. I met Julia on a recent residency in Norway and she is the weirdest and coolest.

Available through Plugin, a terrific artist-edition site.

Miniature cast sneaker candles and soaps
only $10!

I want the Air Jordan XI. While arguably the most popular Air Jordan style of all-time, I still remember seeing it circa 1995 at Footlocker with my older brother and thinking it was unlike anything I had ever seen - ugly and weird, yet streamlined; a completely foreign object. I had no prior reference point with which to assess it. Something totally new.

Its the shoe that motivated the Jordan brand to move Air Jordan Retro releases to Saturday so that students wouldn't cut class to wait in line.

Ella Dawn McGeough is an artist living in Toronto. Working across disciplines, her research expands upon processes of historicisation, myth-making and speculative feminism. With artists Colin Miner and Liza Eurich she founded in 2012, which produces online contemporary arts publications among other project-based activities. She is also the co-founder of Garden Avenue, a summer-time exhibition space; Ray~Ray, a project that produces limited edition jewelry and jewelry-like work by contemporary artists; and Friends of Ogden Park.

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