Monday, June 6, 2016

MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Fair

MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Fair takes place this weekend at the Akademie der Künste, and will feature over 200 publishers, artists and authors. Now in it's seventh year, MISS READ is Europe's oldest active Art Book Festival. The event was initiated in 2009 by KW Institute for Contemporary Art, argobooks and artist Michalis Pichler, with a mandate to create "a public meeting place for discourse around artists ́ books, conceptual publications and publishing as practice."

The fair opens on Friday June 10th at 5pm and continues until 9pm, when the opening party takes over. The fair resumes the following day from noon to 7pm, and closes on June 12th. Admission is free.

With a focus this year on Spanish-speaking countries, MISS READ 2016 will be accompanied by series of lectures, discussions, book launches and workshops, exploring the boundaries of contemporary publishing and the possibilities of the book.

On Saturday, June 11th, the fourth Conceptual Poetics Day will explore the imaginary border between visual art and literature. It will feature readings, talks, performances and books by Eugen Gomringer, James Sherry, Matvei Yankelevich, Cordula Daus, Paul Soulellis, Franz Thalmair, Lois Bartel, Stefan Riebel, Ignacio Uriarte , Hank Schmidt in der Beek , Annette Gilbert, Thomas Thiel, Arno Auer, Cia Rinne, and many more.

On Sunday, June 12th, MISS READ STAGE will present lectures, booklaunches and a symposion on How to Collect Artists Books, organised in collaboration with Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen Weserburg and featuring presentations by Anne Thurmann-Jajes,Tony White, Eva Linhart and Beatrice Hernad, among others.

Admission to all events is free. Visit for details.

Full list of participants:

88books (Vancouver) / A BALZAC A RODN (Paris) / ABC [Artists’ Books Cooperative] (New York and elsewhere) / adocs (Hamburg) / Afterall (London) / Akademie der Künste (Berlin) / AKV (Berlin) / Alt Går Bra (Bergen, Norway) / Anagram Books (London/Berlin) / AND Publishing (London) / Animal Press (Brussels) / Apparent Extent (Cologne) / Archive Books (Berlin) / Archive Artist Publications (Munich) / Åse Eg Jørgensen (Copenhagen) / ATLAS Projectos (Lisbon/Berlin) / August Verlag (Berlin) / Bartleby & Co. (Brussels) / Baeckerei (Berlin) / BELMONDO (Warsaw) / BLEK (Leipzig, Germany) / Boabooks (Geneva) / BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE (Berlin) / BOMB Magazine (New York) / Book Works (London) / Brad Downey (Berlin)/ Brinkmann & Bose (Berlin) / Broken Dimanche Press (Berlin) / Bücher & Hefte (Berlin) / Bücherbogen (Berlin) / bywater bros (Port Colborne, Canada) / Camera Austria (Graz, Austria) / Cabinet Magazine (Brooklyn) / Cia Rinne (Berlin) / Colour Code (Toronto) / Damocle Edizioni (Venice) / Dennis McGrath ( Los Angeles) / Dirty Flower Press (Berlin) / Doppell (Edition) / drittel books (Berlin) / Edit e.V. (Leipzig, Germany) / Edition Fink (Zurich)/edition.nord(Niigata,Japan)/ÉditionsIncertainSens/Cabinetdulivred'artiste (Rennes,France)/Edizione
Multicolore (Leipzig, Germany) / ENDLESS EDITIONS (New York) / Ethan Rafal (San Francisco) / Eugen Gomringer (Rehau, Germany) / Fantôme Verlag (Berlin) / FH Dortmund (Dortmund, Germany) / Flaneur Magazine (Berlin) / Folkwang UdK (Essen, Germany) / Fotograf (Prague) / Frans Masereel Centrum (Kasterlee) / FUKT (Berlin) / g*press (Amsterdam) / GAGARIN (Antwerp) / Galavant Magazine (Singapore) / Galerie Neu (Berlin) / Girls Like Us (Amsterdam) / Gloria Glitzer (Berlin) / Grafter's Quarterly (Bergen, Norway) / Grazer Kunstverein (Graz, Austria) / GRRRR (Zurich) / Hamburger Eyes (Los Angeles) / Hank Schmidt in der Beek (Berlin) / Hard Mag (London) / Haris Epaminonda (Berlin) / Impractical Labor (Bridgeport, USA) / indekeuken (Brussels) / JB. Institute (Berlin) / Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (Los Angeles) / Kerber Verlag (Bielefeld, Germany) / KHB Weißensee (Berlin) / Knuckles & Notch (Singapore) / Knust/Extrapool (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) / Kontaktcenter (Hamburg) / KudlaWerkstatt (Prague) / Kultur & Gespenster (Hamburg) / Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin) / Kunstverein Milano (Milan) / Kunstverein Publishing (Amsterdam) / kuš! (Riga, Latvia) / KUTA HOUSE* (Warsaw) / Library of the Printed Web (New York) / Look Back and Laugh Books (Ljubljana, Slovenia) / lorem ipsum (Rennes, France) / Lubok Verlag (Leipzig, Germany) / LUCIA Verlag (Weimar) / MATERIA (Rome) / MER Paper Kunsthalle (Ghent, Belgium) / MGLC International Center of Graphic Arts (Ljubljana, Slovenia) / Miami books (Geneva) / Michael Baers (Berlin) / Michalis Pichler (Berlin) / MIT Press (Cambridge) / Montez Press (Hamburg) / mzin (Leipzig, Germany) / nbk (Berlin) / NoRoutineBooks (Vilnius, Lithuania) / Nos:books (Taipei) / Occulto (Berlin) / Onomatopee (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) / ottoGraphic (Marshfield, UK) / Palefroi (Berlin) / par(ent)esis (Florianopolis, Brazil) / Paul Soulellis (New York) / Pegacorn Press (New York) / Peleja (Florianopolis, Brazil) / PogoBooks (Berlin) / possible books (Berlin) / Poster Tribune (Carouge, Switzerland) / PrintRoom (Rotterdam) / Ptohograhpies (Berlin) / Publication Studio (Rotterdam) / Raum der Publikation (Kiel, Germany) / Re:Surgo! (Berlin) / Red Sphinx (Berlin/London) / Red76 (Portland, USA) / Roma Publications (Amsterdam) / Rondade (Tokyo) / Salon du Salon (Marseille) / Salon für Kunstbuch (Vienna) / Sarah and Schooling (Singapore) / Schlebrügge.Editor/Fama & Fortune Bulletin (Vienna) / Scriptings/Achim Lengerer (Berlin) / Sergej Vutuc (Heilbronn) / shashasha collective (Tokyo/Paris/Leipzig) / SKULPI (Berlin) / slow editons (Yokohama, Japan) / Small Tune Press (Hong Kong) / Space Poetry (Copenhagen) / Spector Books (Leipzig, Germany) / springerin ( Vienna) / Städelschule (Frankfurt) / Starship (Berlin) / Sternberg Press (Berlin) / Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen Weseburg (Bremen, Germany) / supersupersupersuper (Amsterdam) / Susanne Bürner (Berlin) / TBooks (Cologne) / textem (Hamburg) / TFGC Publishing (Düsseldorf ) / TLTRPreß (Berlin) / the blue notebook (Bristol, UK) / the everyday press (Paris) / The Newww (Venice) / The Name Books (Chur, Switzerland) / The Postershop (Berlin) / Theater der Zeit (Berlin) / Tiny Masters (Leipzig) / Tiny Splendor (Berkeley/Los Angeles) / Toupée (Berlin) / Triangle Books (Brussels) / Ugly Duckling Presse (Brooklyn) / Unity Press (Oakland) / Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Koenig (Cologne) / Verlag Silke Schreiber (Munich) / Verlak (Weimar, Germany) / Verlag für moderne Kunst (Vienna) / Vlado Martek (Zagreb, Croatia) / von100 (Berlin) / Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, the Netherlands) / Westphalie (Vienna) / White Fungus (Taiwan) / wicker industries GmbH & Co. KG (Berlin) / X Marks the Bökship (London) / zero sharp (Berlin) / zirkumflex (Berlin)/ ztscrpt (Berlin/Vienna) and many more...

Hispanic Focus:
Adolfo Press (Barcelona) / Autoedita con Alegría (Madrid) / Back Bone Books (Berlin/Mexico City) / Bandiz Studio (Madrid) / Calipso Press (Cali, Columbia) / Casa del Hijo del Ahuizote (Mexico City) / Clandestine (Barcelona/Mexico City) / Do the Print (Barcelona) / Ediciones Anómalas (Barcelona) / FIBRA Casa Editora (Buenos Aires) / Gato Negro (Mexico City) / Las Otras (Santiago de Chile) / Libros Mutantes (Madrid) / Humobooks (Buenos Aires)/ KINK EDICIONES (Barcelona) / Kitschic (Barcelona/Bogotá) / Morena Publications (Barcelona) / RAUM Editions (Salamanca, Spain) / Pupa Press (Santiago de Chile) / Sta Rosa Editora ( Buenos Aires) / (Leipzig/Buenos Aires) / Rrréplica meeting/encounter/clash of rebellious/disobedient/unruly publishers/editors/printers and duplicators (Mexico City) / Taller de Ediciones Económicas (Mexico City) / TDPapeles (Barcelona)
The poster for MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Fair 2016 was created by Cia Rinne. The poster for the Conceptual Poetics Day 2016 was created by Haris Epaminonda .

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