Thursday, June 2, 2016

Aamna Muzaffar | Lived Image - The Year In Blur

Aamna Muzaffar
Lived Image - The Year In Blur
Montreal, Canada: Anteism, 2015
54 pp., Aluminum Chicago screw binding
Edition of 365 numbered copies

"An unclear record of the past and an accelerated consumption of the present can equally appear as a blur.

A digital image folding into itself in perpetual blur will ultimately move toward non-image qualities, revealing its latent modality as pure, ambiguous colour.

Lived Image – the year in blur begins with these thoughts, indexing one year through the circulated image. Using the date as search term in Google Images, one file was retrieved daily through a rule-based process that randomized its selection. Dissolving the colour data in each of those images produced this compendium of three hundred and sixty-five colour values. Thinking through the calendar day as a unit of personal and cultural history, these deactivated images assemble in the work as placeholders for the unselected, unexposed, or unrecorded. As an elemental visualization of time, their printed date and reproduction codes remain the only tether holding each blurred image above the surface of non-specificity."
- Anteism press release

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