Friday, June 3, 2016

Christo | Package

New York City, USA: Fluxus, 1965
3 × 15.5 × 4"
Edition of 10 signed, numbered and dated copies

A plastic rose wrapped in polyethylene secured with string and staples, with a cardboard label attached. The above copy is in the Walker Art Centre Collection, a gift from Jon and Joanne Hendricks.

Letters from George Maciunas to Ben Vautier (and an issue of Vtre newspaper) list the work being included in copies of Fluxkit, but other than Christo's own copy this has not been verified. Christo wrapped several plastic flowers at the time, the Fluxus edition is distinguished by a Maciunas designed label that reads:


presumably playing on the notion of gift 'wrapping'.

I conducted a phone interview with the artist years ago who confirmed his involvement with Fluxus was minimal, and that these works had been donated to the group as a fundraiser.

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