Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Recommendations Guest Post #3: kevin mcpherson eckhoff

i'm sending along two, not because i'm trying to be an asshole, but because i believe in both of them. my first choice, a holiday-themed gem, turned into a bit of a foible. impossible to find much online for the press, but here's the something i have on it:

bp nichol,
A Christmas Foible
Mount Pleasant, ON: Laurel Reed Books, 2014
12pp, 8.5" x 5.5" hand-sewn chapbook
Edition of 166

A facsimile of a single-edition handwritten chapbook gifted to Nelson Ball and Barbara Caruso by nichol in 1969. Hand-stamped covers.

$10 (includes shipping)

by paypal:

by cheque:
Laurel Reed Books
206 Ellis Ave
Mt. Peasant, ON
N0E 1K0

the second choice i believe in with a year-round cure-ye-aw-city! and it's of/by a current young and real artist writer, so maybe better to give props to the living? also, tried to mimic the biblioinfo style, but this second one seems a li'l meesy... apologies for any inconsistencies.

Gionvanna Olmos
Gio vanna, gi gio vaNn a
Zurich, Switzerland: LUMA/Westbau, 2014
76 pp., 4.25" x 7", perfect-bound
Open edition

Number 213 in the LUMA Foundation and 89 plus exhibition Poetry will be made by all!

Order here: http://poetrywillbemadebyall.ch/book/gio-vanna-gi-gio-vann/

kevin mcpherson eckhoff is a poetty performancer. he sometimes designs books (http://poetryisdead.ca/16pages), sometimes stands up (http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/2c2141610d/kevin-hartford-joking-with-his-two-liners), and sometimes has a a book (http://www.chbooks.com/catalogue/rhapsodomancy). please write his death scene and send it to: theirbiography@myself.com

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