Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Recommendation Guest Post #8: Marla Hlady

Knowles does a lot of process based, material-oriented works where she explores a complex collision of how we both understand culturally and experience physically. At the moment this multiple seems to be a rare opportunity to own something that let's us into her process-at-large, including her tendency to collaborate.

"As part of the Properties exhibition (May 3 – June 16, 2013), Devon Knowles removed her large glass beam sculpture from the exhibition space and deposited it directly into the earth beneath the floorboards of the Western Front gallery for an undetermined period. Heard About A Place One Day is a limited edition artist book accompanying the project and features poetry by Jen Hutton and Laura Matwhichuk, an essay by curator Jesse Birch, photo documentation, earth prints of the sculpture, linocut prints and more." (

You can find it here through Western Front, here, for $15.00.

PROMISED LANDS - Robert Hengeveld

Robert does some fairly involved kinetic installations that are kinds of fictional environments. His multiples are a great opportunity to have a slice of his object making. Most recently there's
"Promised Lands: Abridged and Appended", a pop up he produced in conjunction with one of these large scale works.

"The pop up emerges as a visual summary of and reflection on the entire exhibition Promised Lands which took place at the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre in Guelph, ON, 2014. It represents a condensed collection of thoughts, as well as a few post-production ideas, sandwiched between two pages. It packages a 4000 sq. foot exhibition into 10 sq. inches." (

Available through or through Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects. The pop up is included in 75 of the exhibition catalogues as a limited edition for $130.

Robert has a few other multiples that  I'd like to own. His slowly rotating take-away coffee cup can be found on Art Metropole's site, here,  for $110 and his his salt and pepper shakers that seem to spontaneously break into Morse code can be found on his site

Marla Hlady draws, makes sculpture, works with sites and sounds and sometimes makes video. She is represented by Jessica Bradley Gallery. Upcoming is a concert at the Music Gallery (Toronto) with Alison O'Daniel and Gordon Monahan and a collaborative performance with Christof Migone at Errant Bodies Project Space (Berlin).

Visit her site, here

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