Friday, December 12, 2014

Bob and Roberta Smith to run for office

From Artforum:

"The artist Patrick Brill—known as Bob and Roberta Smith—is entering the realm of politics: He plans to run against Michael Gove, a UK politician who drew ire as the former Education Secretary with a proposal to drop the arts as a core subject in the UK’s educational system. According to The Independent, Brill will be campaigning against Gove in his local constituency, Surrey Heath. Said Brill, “It’s a chance to say a lot of positive things about the arts rather than just bashing politicians.” A well-known work by Bob and Roberta Smith is Letter to Michael Gove [above, centre], which comprises a placard bearing a long invective; Brill also wrote a lengthy op-ed in The Guardian criticizing Gove’s policies."

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