Monday, January 20, 2014

Let Us Keep Our Own Noon

An exhibition poster made for a 2012 show curated by David Horvitz at Galerie West in Den Haag, featuring the artists Fia Backström, Paul Branca, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Toril Johannessen, Emilie Halpern, Mishka Henner, David Horvitz, Zach Houston, Anna Lundh, Mylinh Nguyen, Rolu, John Sisley, Ed Steck, Penelope Umbrico, Matthew Vollgraff & Lucky Dragons.

The poster was designed by Nguyen, using a slogan found in a late 19th century pamphlet protesting the standardization of time. The verso illustrates a woman in San Francisco standing in front of a public sundial.

The piece is available for the price of shipping and printing (2 Euros), here and by emailing

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