Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Giorno Poetry Systems: Better An Old Demon Than A New God

(Various ‎Artists)
Better An Old Demon Than A New God
New York City, USA: Giorno Poetry Systems, 1984
12" vinyl LP
Edition size unknown

Continuing the Giorno Poetry Systems mandate of releasing compilation records featuring artists and writers alongside musicians, this disc featured Beat and Post-Beat writers John Giorno, William Burroughs and Jim Carroll and punk/alternative/art rock musicians Psychic TV, Lydia Lunch, David Johansen (New York Dolls) and Meredith Monk.


David Johansen              Imaginatin' Cocktail                    2:42
John Giorno                   Exiled In Domestic Life            4:06
William S. Burroughs    Dinosaurs                                    5:50
Psychic TV                    Unclean                                    5:50
Lydia Lunch                  What It Is                                    1:42
Meredith Monk       Candy Bullets And Moon            4:09
Jim Carroll               A Peculiar-Looking Girl            6:20
Anne Waldman       Uh-Oh Plutonium                    3:35
Richard Hell               The Rev. Hell Gets Confused    2:22
Arto Lindsay           Alisa                                            2:28

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