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Kathy Acker | I dreamt I became a nymphomaniac! : imagining

Kathy Acker
I dreamt I became a nymphomaniac! : imagining 
San Francisco, USA: Empty Elevator Shaft Poetry Press, 1974.
34 pp. ; 22 cm., staplebound
Edition size unknown

This is the first part of Acker's second novel (and the first published without a pseudonym), released in 1974.  The title was followed by 5 others, in a similar format and with continuous pagination. The authorship varies. Volumes one and two are credited to Acker, the last three are unattributed or revisit the Black Tarantula pseudonym. The third is listed as being by composer Peter Gordon. Gordon and Acker were briefly married in 1976. He went to collaborate with Laurie Anderson, Suzanne Vega, David Johansen, The Flying Lizards, David Van Tieghem, Lawrence Weiner, and Arthur Russell.

The publisher also varies: the first volume is published by Empty Elevator Shaft Poetry Press; the remaining are self-published; the second by "Kathy Acker", and the final volumes by "The Black Tarantula." The title was later released as the complete work  (at 114 pages) by Travelers Digest Editions in 1980 (below). It's available from Amazon starting at $50.00, here.

The original Empty Elevator Shaft Poetry Press edition is $200.00, here.

A near complete set of the originals (lacking volume five) can be purchased for $850.00, here.

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