Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Erica Van Horn | Aglio 6 olio

Erica Van Horn
Aglio 6 olio
Norfolk, UK : Coracle Press, 1992.
[156]  pp., 9 x 9 x 3 cm., boxed
Edition of 200 numbered copies

A miniature letter-pressed hardcover book housed in a rubber stamped cardboard box. Also included is a vellum sheet with a project description, that reads as follows: "Otherwise called The Garlic Book, this is an abstract cook-book whose structure emulates that of a symmetrical head of garlic. Each of the six cloves, each a section of the whole book, presents a recipe for one of the classic sauces of garlic and oil, plus one (or at the most two) other ingredients. The book is a tribute to Elizabeth David, who rarely gave specific instructions for her recipes, but merely cited the ingredients within the understanding of an attitude to food."

The title was used as the cover image for Printed in Norfolk Coracle Publications 1989 - 2012, a catalogue published in conjunction with a traveling exhibition with four stops in the United Kingdom during 2012 of Coracle's work.

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